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Definition: Individuals who are trained in the law and licensed, and provide services to those who need legal advice or representation. Includes resources that assist with finding a lawyer.
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These FAQs are provided by the Canadian Legal FAQs, a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. They provide answers to questions about legal services in Alberta. You will find FAQs on Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public, Retainers, and sources of legal asisstance available in Alberta.

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The Lawyer Referral Service is a program operated by the Law Society to assist people in finding a lawyer who will provide them with the legal services they require. It is an information service and is not connected with Legal Aid - nor does it provide any form of financially subsidized legal service.

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Alberta Resources

The Law Society of Alberta provides a process to resolve complaints regarding a lawyer’s ethical conduct. This service is available to clients, judges, lawyers, financial institutions, business creditors, the general public and through internal referrals by the Executive Director of the Law Society of Alberta. The complaints process is initiated when a lawyer’s actions may have breached the Code of Professional Conduct that governs how lawyers are to conduct themselves in their practice. Visit this website to read Complaint and Inquiry Guidelines.

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From the public portion of the Law Society of Alberta website, this section provides information to guide the public in finding and working with a lawyer. This is a guide to how the legal process works, understanding lawyer fees and other frequently asked questions.

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This section of the Legal Aid Alberta website provides information about working with your lawyer and a Client Feedback Form which explains how to make a complaint about the services received through Legal Aid.

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Pro Bono Law Alberta (PBLA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes access to justice in Alberta by creating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono (free) legal services to persons of limited means. PBLA does not provide direct support to members of the public; their website lists clinics and projects that may be helpful to individuals. Lawyers on PBLA's volunteer roster are available to provide assistance on legal issues that impact non profits and charities such as: policy/governance; employment law and contracts; volunteer waivers;  incorporation; or charitable registration.

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This is a French language website. This online directory of legal services is provided by Association des juristes d’expression française de l'Alberta . Users can find contact information for French-speaking lawyers and other legal services including translation.  Search by name, profession, practice domain or region of the province. 

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Ad IDEM is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of free expression in Canada and abroad. Their aim is to achieve this objective through: public and professional education; advocacy and law reform initiative; and cooperation with related professional organizations.

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A free service from LexisNexis Canada designed specifically for individuals and small businesses that allows users to search for lawyers by geographic region, area of expertise, or specific names, as well as providing you with up-to-date and relevant legal information. 

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The Collaborative Family Law Process is about cooperation, not confrontation where clients sign a contract agreeing not to go to court. It is mediation and problem solving with collaborative lawyers where clients try to understand each other. Each client is responsible for information gathering and solutions. This website features general information about collaborative law (definitions, process, resources) and a list of collaborative law professionals in Alberta.

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